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More details on Screed Works:

With today’s sophistication in our buildings both in electrical services, comfort such as under floor heating systems and also the technically improved floor finishes, it has become of paramount importance that more attention has to be given to substrate preparation. To this effect Vellmann Ltd specializes in sub-floor preparations especially the semi dry screeding technique which is the wide spread system used internationally for the installation of general hard or soft flooring finishes. With its specialized screed pumps the material is mixed on the spot and pumped through rubber hoses up to a distance of 150 meters, giving it a flexible reach to various site conditions. The compact size of the equipment generally will not necessitate interruption of traffic and with its combined reach of 150 meters it can access areas otherwise reachable by specialized equipment eliminating the use of wheel barrow and the associated dirt with conventional systems. The advantage that the material is mixed and pumped as required is that material is fresh on demand, which is a fundamental requirement for a good quality concrete. The levelling is done by professionals in their fields assisted with specialised levelling equipment in order to guarantee the minimum tolerance acceptable in this sector.

The actual levelling of the screed is done using a state of the art levelling machine to yield a flat surface one which finishes can be glued with their respective adhesives.  The system is not limited to the flat floors only, but also for outside areas where falls to drain are necessary.

The resultant base is incomparable to the general bedding commonly used on wet concrete system since both these systems will not allow a direct adhesive installation, which is the method recommended by all Ceramic Tile manufacturers.

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