A non-guaranteed waterproofing today is a guaranteed problem for tomorrow!

Diasen is a company that for more than 20 years has been creating and developing a wide range of innovative products and systems to waterproof every kind of surface, focalizing its attention to the best reliability of final result and to the drastic reduction of probability of committing mistakes by the applicator; following a research and production policy based on maximum respect of the environment.

Liquid waterproofing systems

Waterproofing systems with positive or negative thrust, with an high elasticity and an extraordinary versatility thanks to the combination with coating products. To make all types of surfaces waterproof, depending on the usage. The only ones able to re-waterproofing permanently and requalificate supports of traditional bituminous membranes.

Cementitious waterproofing systems

Systems based on the use of bentonite geocomposites, to waterproof foundations and concrete structures in presence of groundwater, or for the realization of artificial water basin.

Protective Systems for bitumen membranes

Systems able to protect and re-waterproof new or existing bituminous membranes, to protect from the aging, from weathering agents and from UV rays, lengthening the durability and effectiveness.



  • Acriflex Winter (a+b)

    Two component waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement, water based acrylic resin, for balconies, terraces, swimming pools, tanks, cisterns, flat roofs, foundations, bituminous or slated membranes, parking areas, flashings, concrete structures and under tiles applications.

  • Acriflex Fybro

    Fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane based on cement and acrylic resins, to waterproof balconies, terraces, swimming pools or foundations. Thanks to the presence of polypropilene fibers, ii can be applied without the reinforcement mesh.

  • Ora Antirain

    Transparent waterproofing for balconies, tiles, terraces and tiled surfaces in general. Solvent based product easy to apply, even for the do-it-yourself market, by roll or brush. It does not alter the appearance of the floor.

  • Ora Antirain

    One-component water based waterproofing, quick-drying, with high thickness and walkable. This product is studied to waterproof planes and slopings coverings, terraces, balconies.

  • Acriflex Rapido

    Liquid one-component waterproofing, suitable to waterproof planes and slopings coverings, terraces, balconies, waterspouts, flashings, cornices, foundation walls, vertical surfaces and other concrete products. It resist to wash-out, applicable at a temperature of low temperature and high relative umidity level.

  • Acriflex Mono

    Single-omponent liquid acrylic waterproofing membrane, coloured and ready to use, to waterproof bathrooms, shower boxes, kitchens, wet-areas in general, balconies, terraces, flashings and cement structures in general.

  • Acriflex Antiroot

    Fiber reinforced liquid, two component waterproofing membrane anti root, to waterproof green roofs, garden roofs, flower boxes, foundations, green walls and underground walls. It does not need an anti root pretection and it is not dangerous for plant health.

  • Sbs Gum

    Single-component bituminous waterproofing liquid membrane, ready to use, highly elastic, to waterproof foundations and lofts and for the restoration of bituminous and slated membranes.

  • Watstop

    Three component epoxy resin to waterproof both with negative and positive pressure, to be used as osmotic over undergorund walls, to encapsulate rising dampness and to achieve a vapor barrier on wet supports.

  • Acriflex ST

    One component acrylic sealant and waterproofing filler, plastified acrylic resin based, to seal and fill any difficult point where it is necessary to have a high thickness. Available in several colours.

  • Bentotelo

    Bentonite waterproofing sheet, self-adhesive and self-sealing, to realize geo-composite barriers for pre casting waterproofing of foundations and underground rooms and for the application under ground level.

  • Diajoint

    Hydrophilic bentonite joint for the sealing and waterproofing of concrete casting joints of concrete structures.

  • Diaseal Strong

    One component polyurethane sealant and waterproofing filler, elastomeric water based, characterized by high filling capacity, to waterproof joints, iron bars and difficult points in general.

  • Aquabit

    Bituminous waterproofing paste enriched with polystyrene spheres, suitable for the under-tiles waterproofing of balconies, terraces and floorings, and to waterproof foundations and concrete structures.