Formwork for ventilated floors

MULTIMODULO is the result of Geoplast’s experience with plastic formwork systems for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces: it includes 4 elements in a single one, thus ensuring high standards of strength both during installation and pour thanks to nine supports for each elements.



MULTIMODULO is a plastic formwork system that creates a solid ribbed foundation slab that guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, both static and dynamic. Moreover, the ventilated crawl space allows the creation of technical void spaces useful for facilities.

Particularly suitable for industrial buildings, MULTIMODULO also guarantees a fast installation and the creation of a technical void space or a ventilated crawl space. It is ideal for construction of large buildings such as industries or schools.

It offers many advantages:

HUMIDITY MITIGATION: the ventilated foundation allows the elimination of naturally accumulated Humidity

FAST INSTALLATION: the installation is very fast in respect to traditional systems that use inert materials

TIME SAVING: Savings in terms of transport and installation are guaranteed