Reusable system for flat decks

GEOSKY is a reusable and modular formwork system for the creation of bearing surfaces for slabs.



GEOSKY is a modular and reusable formwork system made of plastic ABS for the realization of place surfaces where slabs and bases can be created.

The concept is the creation of a flat surface to mantain the workers safety during all the stages of the slab realization.

GEOSKY deck can be use as a flat surface for the cast of solid ceilings or lightened ones but also it can be used to realize the classic beamed cemented slabs. The accessories that create the system, guarantee the early release so that part of the material can be recovered in order to reuse it in other zones of the slab or over other decks without waiting for the concrete drying.

ABS plastic is an high resistance copolymer that guarantees high duration of the panels thanks to its “closed pore” finishing and doesn’t need the use of releasing agents permitting an excellent fair-faced finishing.

This is the first reusable formwork for place surface and for the creation of both flat decks and walls. Light and modular is the new idea of reusable form, easy to storage and easy to clean with a little water. Ideal with renovation work. Its specific accessories allow an early dismantling of the system economising the worksite.

The slab forming system is made of ABS, a very resistant material (reusable formworks for more than 100 times) and lightweight. It guarantees the handling without any mechanical lifting device. With a single system it’s possible to carry out more than one operation in the same worksite.

Its main advantages are:

EARLY DISMANTLINGS: concrete does not stick to plastic, allowing an easy dismantling and fast cleaning without the use of any particular detergent, just a little water.

LIGHTNESS: weighting only 11 kg, the formwork can be quickly handled on worksite, without the use of cranes or any lifting device.

REUSABLE: GEOSKY is cost-effective as it can be used more than 100 times with an appropriate cleaning and use