Sound Proofing for Walls and Floors

Increased well-being requirements made us to consider home noises among the fundamental parameters in the evaluation and in the choice of a building. The knowledge of the possible sources of the noise and of how it spreads through the building gave us the possibility to make, already in the design phase, the technical choices that will guarantee the drastic reduction of both airborne noises transmitted by air (conversation, radio, TV, traffic, etc.) and those that are transmitted through the structure of the building itself (trampling noise and knocks and percussion against walls and floors in general).

Airborne Noises: they are transmitted through the air that is moved directly by the vibrating source (vocal cords, loudspeakers, household appliances, etc.). Usually they affect the environments next to the one in which the source of the noise is localized. In this case the energy is relatively modest.

Impact Noises: they are transmitted and they spread through the whole structure of the building and they are generated by impacts against the structure itself; the transmitted energy is noteworthy and the noise can affect also environments placed at considerable distance from the source.



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